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Relationship Coaching.

Mental Clarity relationship coaching offers clients a healthy mix of NLP and holistic therapies to individually tailor the therapy to the clients specific needs. If you have stressful demands in work or a relationship that you no longer enjoy it will be because your thoughts have lost their focus.

Personal Development.

Family and professional relationships can often be considered as being similar
to an emotional minefield. When someone feels that they are under
duress, anyone under such stressful circumstances who is mindful of not
taking their domestic problems to work, is likely to be taking their work problems home.
Each of us will find that in order to meet certain goals that we have had to compromise
elements of our individuality.

With tact and sensitivity we can help you rediscover what you once
enjoyed; assisting you to regain control of your feasible expectations.
However you do need to be aware that some minor changes to the way that
you evaluate yourself, and how you respond to everyday situations, are
quite likely to emerge.
The fundamental core of personal development
is for the client to rediscover aspects of their own belief system rather
than having to religiously re-adopt those that caused their problems. Though often out of necessity a compromise can be achieved.

Taster session.

This consists of a 30-45 minute consultation in order to assess whether Mental Clarity Coaching can actually assist you. This can be in person, using a telephone, or online using free Skype which ever you prefer. There is a nominal booking fee, payable in advance, for this service of five pounds sterling.


Mental Clarity

The term Mental Clarity within this domain name specifically refers to NLP, relationship counselling, and personal development. It does not reflect claims made by other persons that by eating certain health food supplements that this will, or may improve, their own mental clarity or thinking processes. While some degree of change will take place this has more to do with perceptions rather than personality.


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